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TxtToSeq is a program that translates between tokenized Commodore SEQ files and PC Text files. There are many text editors available for the PC to create text files, but very few (and no good ones) for creating Commodore SEQ files on the PC. This program allows you to create Commodore SEQ files on the PC by editing as Text in your favorite editor and then converting the text to a Commodore SEQ file by running this small utilitity. You can perform the opposite operation of converting a Commodore SEQ file to a Text file as well.

Representing Commodore special characters on the PC is done through a markup syntax. The Commodore computers do not have curly braces and so they make the perfect tags for creating the markup syntax.

A few examples of the syntax are as follows:

Markup Action
{CLEAR} Clear the screen
{UP} Move cursor up one line
{BLUE} Make the current color blue
{ULCORNER} Draw the special character for the upper left corner of a box
{97} Insert PETSCII character 97 (decimal)

A sample Text document:

      {BLUE}Bridge BBS Wait For Call Menu


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